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Program Description

ECHO School

The ECHO School Program serves students (aged 8 to 22) who have cognitive disabilities that significantly limit their ability to benefit from their local district school programs. The goals for ECHO School are to foster the highest level of independence academically, socially, and functionally so that each student is successful in their daily environment.


The ECHO School environment is a vibrant, comfortable, protective setting for supported learning with a full menu of therapy services as needed according to IEP recommendations. ECHO School has an accessible playground, a sensory garden, community outings, opportunities for vocational training, and adaptive physical education.


Supported curricula are important to the success of the ECHO School students. The curricula and experiences lend direct support to eventual transition needs. Supported reading, math, science and social science curricula and technology are utilized.


ECHO School students are given the opportunity to participate in basketball games with the South Holland Police Department, cheerleading, school dances, Special Olympics, and much more!